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Ragtops & Roadsters first opened its doors in 1990 when Michael Engard started a small shop in an alleyway in Perkasie, Pennsylvania. Business in those days was simple, if not lucrative, turning wrenches on British sports cars for a mostly local clientele.

In 1995, when the two-story brick building across the alley on South 4th Street became available, Engard expanded his business significantly and started restoring British cars in the charming 6,000-square-foot wood-floored showroom and garage.

Engard expanded once again in 2008 when he acquired the Pollock Auto Restoration company and its 26,000 square feet of brick and timber industrial space in nearby Pottstown. Once the private museum and restoration workshop of Bill Pollock, the business was most notable for its prize-winning work restoring American Brass Era vehicles.

For the next thirteen years, Engard and his growing team of renowned craftsmen operated as essentially two separate companies, though more and more high-end British and European vehicles eventually began moving through the Pollock doors.


Percasie store front

In the spring of 2021, Engard retired after a rewarding 30-year career in the business he loved. A private investment group made up of fellow motoring enthusiasts purchased Ragtops & Roadsters’ business operations to write the next chapter of the company’s story.

The new Ragtops & Roadsters builds on the legacy established by Michael Engard – and by Bill Pollock before him – while moving forward into new corners of today’s evolving classic automobile scene.

Ragtops & Roadsters looks forward to helping you realize your automotive dream, whatever it may be. We promise to build you not only a car, but also an enduring relationship, for as long as there are classic cars to ignite your passion and imagination.

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Walking through the doors of Ragtops & Roadsters is a journey to another time. With their brick walls, wood floors and giant expanses of single-pane glass, both our shops are true to the era in which they were originally built. Each one appears uniquely suited to the painstaking endeavor of recreating classic vehicles by hand.

With nearly a decade of history underneath the roofs of both shops, they were built at a time when the automobile was still a novel fascination for many people. Today they remind us that some creations are simply timeless, and that progress doesnt always mean improvement. These buildings werent erected in a hurry, and the work that takes place inside them today cant be rushed if it, too, is to be beautiful and enduring.

The Perkasie Works – 203 S. Fourth Street – Perkasie

Our Perkasie facility – today the site of our delivery showroom and the centerpiece of the Ragtops & Roadsters customer experience – was built in the early 1920s as a garage and warehouse for the Branch Storage Company, which occupied the building from 1923 to 1938.

When the storage company moved out, it was used by a Philadelphia-based silk manufacturer, where as many as 75 employees produced hosiery in the pre-WWII years. While history for that company is fairly incomplete, it’s believed its employees also produced parachutes for the war effort.

In 1953, the former silk factory became the new home of the Berger & Berger Chrysler-Plymouth dealership. It was a short stay, however, as the company outgrew the location in 1957 with the addition of DeSoto to its lineup and moved to a larger facility in town at 124 N. 6th Street.

The LeMans Model Car Raceway moved into the upper level of the building in 1960 and was a popular local family attraction throughout that decade. A machine shop operated out of the lower level during the same period, and a fire in that shop in July of 1968 caused extensive damage to both businesses. The slot car raceway was forced to close about a month later.

From 1968 to 1990, Dudley Sports leased the building, where leather covers for softballs and baseballs were cut and stitched. A woodworking and furniture repair shop then occupied the location until 1995, after which Ragtops & Roadsters moved in.

Pottstown Store

The Pottstown Works – 70 S. Franklin Street – Pottstown

Built in the early 1920s on the site of a former lumber and coal yard, our Pottstown building, home to our expansive restoration workshop today, was originally commissioned as the Seltmann & Knight Silk Mill.

In later years, Pottstown-based Levitz Furniture moved in, using the building to manufacture and warehouse the furniture that was sold in their stores throughout the area.

In 1950, William Pollock of Pottstown’s notable Pollock family, whose steel processing business still operates mere blocks away, acquired the two-story building as a place to store and showcase his growing personal collection of antique vehicles.

Pollock Auto Showcase was a popular local attraction for decades, but in 1995 Ralph DeStefano purchased the building and its restoration equipment to continue the business as Pollock Auto Restoration.

In 2008, DeStefano passed away and his estate sold the business and the 26,000-square-foot building to Micheal Engard, founder of Ragtops & Roadsters, who continued to operate it as Pollock Auto Restoration. To honor its history as an integral part of the new operation, it is now known as the Ragtops & Roadsters Pottstown Works.

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Jeff S.

Managing Director

Tina M

Tina M.

Office Manager

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Dorian C.

Master Fabricator

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Joe H.

Body & Paint Technician

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George C.

Mechanical Technician

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Grant R.


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Michael K.

Body & Paint Technician

staff - George

Tim S.

Master Fabricator

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Paul W.

Restoration Technician

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Pat M.

Mechanical Technician

staff - Scott

Scott S.

Workshop Assistant

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Craig B.

Mechanical Technician

staff - Craig

Sylvaine A.

Marketing Director

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Brandon R.

Mechanical Technician

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Marcel C.

Upholstery Technician

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Matthew M.

Mechanical Technician

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Gale H.

Facilities Assistant

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Dave H.

Client Advisor

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Rick B.

Technology Manager

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Bob K.

Mechanical Technician

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Eugene T.

Mechanical Technician

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Stephen M.

Body & Paint Technician

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1960 Triumph Italia 2000 GT
Greenbrier Concours d’Elegance- First in Class 2018
Arizona Concours d’Elegance – First in Class 2017 
Vintage Triumph Registry – Gold Award and Best of Show 2017
AACA -First Place Grand National 2017, First Place Senior 2017
British Motorcar Festival – Best of Show 2016

1954 MercedesBenz 300SL Gullwing
Kiawah Island Concours – First in Class 2013

1953 Ferrari 375 MM
Reading Ferrari Concours – Best of Show 2005

1938 SS 100 Jaguar
Cars & Motorcycles of England – First in Class 2017
Radnor Hunt Concours d’Elegance- Radnor Award 2017
AACA – First Place Senior Award 2017

1964 Triumph Italia 2000 GT
Vintage Triumph Registry – Gold Award Winner 2018
Concours Italiano – First in Class 2018

1935 Hudson Terraplane
Eastern United States Concours – Bethlehem Star 2014

1941 Model 62 Cadillac Convertible
AACA – National Senior Award 2012

1926 Willys-Knight Roadster
AACA- National Senior Award 2018

1961 Triumph Italia 2000 GT
Vintage Triumph Registry – Gold Award 1999;  Preservation Award Winner 2003, 2004
British Invasion – Best of Show 2002
New Hope Auto Show – First in Class 1995

1965 Austin Healey 3000
Austin Healey Encounter – First in Class 2012

1961 Lotus Super Seven
Lotus Owners Gathering – First in Class 2016
Lotus Owners Gathering – First in Class 2018
New Hope Auto Show – First in Class 2017

1956 Austin Healey 100/4 BN2
Austin Healey Encounter – First in Class 2004

1987 Lotus Esprit
Lotus Owners Gathering – First in Class 2010 LOG 30

1959 Triumph TR3A
Vintage Triumph Registry – Gold Award Winner 2010
Vintage Triumph Registry – Gold Certificate 2017
AACA – First Place Senior 2018

1974 Lotus Europa
Lotus Owners Gathering – First in Class 2004
Lotus Owners Gathering – First in Class 2005

1961 Austin Healey 3000
Austin Healey Concours Registry – Gold 1992, 1993, 1994;  Silver 1991, 1995
New Hope Auto Show – First in Class 1991 – 1994

1959 Lotus Elite S1
York Concours – First in Class 2008
Lotus Owners Gathering – First in Class 2010
Lotus Owners Gathering – First in Class 2016

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