Post Date: December 27, 2021
Author: Bryan Joslin

Announcing the All-New

When Ragtops & Roadsters changed owners back in July, one of the first things the new team started working one was a new website. There were two big reasons for this. First, we wanted to update the look and feel of the entire business, and the website is perhaps the most visible place to establish that. Second, we needed to figure out how to effectively communicate how our two facilities – previously operated as two distinct business entities – would now function as a totally integrated operation.

After months of work with Doylestown-based designer Bill Milnazik of Axis Visual, we’re proud to finally launch the thoroughly reimagined

The new site focuses first and foremost on the talents and capabilities we offer to the classic car market across a variety of automotive genres. The three main areas highlighted are restoration, service and vehicles.

The “About Us” section offers a bit of background on the business itself, including how Pollock Auto Restoration came into the Ragtops & Roadsters portfolio in 2008 and how it is now being integrated into the main business as our “Pollock Works” facility. You can also see how our staff is composed.

The “Events” section is now a fully interactive calendar highlighting select local, regional and national happenings with rich details not previously available.

New to the site are the “Journal” which replaces the old blog, and “Shop” which is our online store for Ragtops merchandise as well as garage sale items from our collection of parts and projects over the years.

We hope you’ll spend some time checking out the new features and getting to know Ragtops & Roadsters all over again. Check back regularly for updates.