It all started about 15 years or so ago, when one Triumph owner said to another, “Do you want to go to England” to get some parts at a “TR Spares Show?”. “Spares” is parts in the Queen’s proper English. And so it began. For many years the Stoneleigh Park Triumph Spares show was the “go to” place, myself joining in the pilgrimage on what became the largest group, in 2003. About of a dozen of us from our local Triumph club, the DVT went on a 3-day adventure to rummage through parts bins looking that that bit made of un-obtainium here in the states. Gearboxes and overdrive were disassembled in hotel rooms that later made theirway to our cars and Carlisle.

By Jan Wessel
In June of 2011, the Great Race went from Chattanooga, TN to Bennington, VT and happened to pass by Hazleton, PA for a lunch stop. Having seen the notice in the local newspaper, I decided to go and welcome in the racers. This is where I was first introduced to the Great Race. Being able to see these rally prepared motorcars and speak with some of the teams planted a seed, the seed of a desire to participate in this adventure one day too. What else could be better? To prepare a classic car and experience the back roads of the U.S. as one would have more than 50 years ago. This is where my passion behind the old car hobby lies: the sight, smell, sound, and pure feelings that bring you back to the days gone by, days far before my own time! And even better is to use a vintage motorcar with purpose, to have a challenge that needs to be overcome.

By Bob De Lucia & Dave Hutchison
Photos by Charlie Frick, Motorcar Studios and ABRR photographers.
On a quiet cul-de-sac in the sleepy hollow of Quakertown, a “British Invasion” was about to disturb the bucolic neighborhood. Thirty-two “Teams” were descending on the area on a beautiful, sunny, and brisk October Friday morning. This was the start of the 2015 America’s British Reliability Run.

It was a warm spring evening as I sat outside my Bachelor Officer’s House on Mather Air Force Base, just east of Sacramento, California. I turned to my friend and fellow officer and said, “Let’s go look at sports cars.” He was shocked and still tells the story.

I was a new U.S. Air Force second lieutenant, with still shiny “brown bars” and navigator wings. Somehow the green VW sitting in the driveway did not fit my image of a young flying officer in Bomb/Nav Upgrade and Combat Crew Training for an assignment to Strategic Air Command (SAC) B-52s in 1964.

by Bob De Lucia and Dave Hutchison
A large group of classic car devotees hit the road and headed south either by plane, car, or truck and car-carrier trailer. On the Tuesday before the weekend show, a caravan of two trucks with car trailers left the area bound for Amelia. In an enclosed trailer, was the soon-to-be-revealed, 1960 Triumph Italia 2000 Vignale #122, recently restored by Ragtops and Roadsters & Pollock Auto Restoration.

By Charlene Hutchison
The 2018 DVT (Delaware Valley Triumphs) Fall Getaway on October 24th, 25th & 26th, proved to be another wonderful weather weekend for both driving and sight seeing. At 8:00 AM on Friday morning eight couples gathered at the Hutchison's in Quakertown for scones and coffee/tea. The three other couples would meet us at the hotel later, as they were coming from other states... we soon hope to be international!

The Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) and its Automotive Restoration Market Organization (ARMO) and Hot Rod Industry Alliance (HRIA) Councils has announced July 13, 2012 as "Collector Car Appreciation Day". The date marks the third commemoration in what will become an annual event to raise awareness of the vital role automotive restoration and collection plays in American society. SEMA and its councils are now working to secure a Congressional resolution to recognize the days significance.

By Dave Hutchison
The Hershey Hillclimb has been jump-started. Again.

Revived for the third time, the Hershey Hillclimb is back on the motorsports calendar. Boy did it come back in style this time!
The hillclimb is simple, one of the oldest forms of motor racing that traces its origins back to La Turbie, France in 1897. Many courses have been used all over the world, including Mt. Washington and Pike's Pike here in the United States.

By Dave Hutchison
Incredible Cars. Big crowds. Spectacular weather.
That pretty much sums up the 16th Annual Amelia Island Concours d'Elegance, held March 11-13 this year. Now in its second decade, the Amelia Island Concours d'Elegance is among the top automotive events in the world.

The MG Vintage Racers will celebrate their 30th anniversary with two designated Focus Events for 2011: one on the West Coast, and one on the East Coast. An MGVR Focus Event is a selected vintage race event where MGVR gets a vintage race sanctioning body to include some all MG races in their weekend's schedule. Plus, MGVR compliments the weekend with some of their own awards and social functions.
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