The info in the list was collected from many sources. I have a lot of confidence in some of it, namely the MG and Triumph production figures, but other numbers are suspect in their accuracy.

As we all know, our British automobiles have a reputation for occasional tempermental behavior which sometimes results in the car's unwillingness to propel itself down the road. In other words, it stops running! This can occur any time, and with the density of traffic on the roads today, safety is very important.

The boot lid supports for later TR7 and TR8 cars after vehicle ID # 402001 are two gas struts instead of a support bar or single strut as found on earlier models. The inclusion of state of the art trunk supports bring along with it the need for replacement when they wear out. Failure usually is found when the boot lid falls on your head at the most inconvenient time.

Sometimes the English do something that makes so much sense you have to wonder where the idea came from. If you ever had the opportunity to look under the hood or dash of your British car you would have seen, among other thing, lots of wires, the newer the car, the more wires. All these wires are different colors; some are multi-colored, and all for a very good reason.

by John Twist, University Motors

Ask a dozen classic car owners how each of them stored his special car last year and you will receive a dozen different answers. Methods range from abandoning the vehicle under a tree in the front yard, to complex routines involving raising the classic off the ground and removing the seats. There is not a "proper" method as each owner has slightly different considerations and requirements yet there are basic rules to follow in any storage procedure that will reduce the probability of damage during storage.

The final finish on your classic or special interest automobile can be considered the crowning jewel of the restoration process. It is the single most visible aspect of the finished project and it affects the potential value of the car. Furthermore, it is a direct reflection of the care and pride invested by both owner and craftsman alike. In order to help familiarize you with the art of custom/restoration refinishing we have compiled the following information.

Customers ask us about restorations all the time, usually in the form of "how much will it cost to restore my car?" Before we can answer that question we need to agree on a definition of the word "restoration" as it applies to cars in general, then as it applies to the car in question.

When an enthusiast approaches us about restoring his or her favorite classis automobile we want to understand exactly what the final objective is for them and for their car. At the start of the job we enter into considerable discussions, which continue until the car is completed and then we maintain contact as they enjoy their 'new' automobile.