Exterior Paint & Interior Restoration / Reconsidering Considerations

When an enthusiast approaches us about restoring his or her favorite classis automobile we want to understand exactly what the final objective is for them and for their car. At the start of the job we enter into considerable discussions, which continue until the car is completed and then we maintain contact as they enjoy their 'new' automobile.

The exterior paint and interior finish are the most visible aspect of our effort and the part of the car that people experience directly every time they use the car. It is vitally important that we understand what the owner wants in these areas and he wants to know what it's going to cost.

Restoration of the mechanical features is relatively straightforward, but with the interior and the exterior there are many choices. Repainting a car can be as simple as spraying color on the existing surface or as complex as multiple layers of color, pearl or metallic coats and clear finishes with buffing to a high gloss. All the exterior trim also needs to be addressed. Likewise, the interior involves more than just the upholstery.

To make communication more efficient we have created a checklist to address many of the different factors that are involved in these two very subjective areas. In order to provide the client with as thorough a preliminary evaluation as possible, we ask them to review these checklists and note the items that they want us to consider as we evaluate the car for restoration. Since many of the systems in a car are related we need to continue discussions after the checklist is reviewed. For example, much of the dashboard is linked into the electrical system as well as the heating and cooling systems.

These lists serve as a starting point in the ongoing process that results in the close collaboration between the restorer and the owner to produce a very special collector car.