Trunk Supports for later TR7s and TR8s

The boot lid supports for later TR7 and TR8 cars after vehicle ID # 402001 are two gas struts instead of a support bar or single strut as found on earlier models. The inclusion of state of the art trunk supports bring along with it the need for replacement when they wear out. Failure usually is found when the boot lid falls on your head at the most inconvenient time.

The later cars use two supports, one at each hinge, and these gas struts are not readily availabile at this time.

Luckily, your local NAPA dealer can provide replacements which work very well and will return the lid operatoin to normal. The NAPA struts have ball socket ends and there are stud mount ball sockets available which fit directly into the clevis pin holes for mounting the replacement struts.

Ask for the following parts at your NAPA dealer:

2 struts (power lift) 819-5582
4 ball studs 735-3608
4 nuts, 6 mm to fit the studs  

The old struts are easy to remove if still the factory type. Remove the clips on the left side holding the trunk liner in place near the hinge and peel back the side sections which cover access to the struts. There is also a foam piece to remove. The right side liner is similar, but may not have a clip holding it in. Each end of the strut is held in by a clevis pin and clip. Remove the clip from the clevis pin at each end of the strut and remove the struts, washer, and clevis pins. Note that the striker plate for the trunk light switch is held in place by the pin on the left hinge. Install the ball studs into each of the holes with the balls facing outward. Don't forget to put in the sticker plate back on the left side. Install the strut onto the ball studs and slip the locking clip over each stud. Put the trunk liner back in place and you're done.

You may be able to just replace one strut. When you remove the struts, check to see if there is still good tension in them.

Although we haven't tried, Moss' TR7 catalog indicats that the two strut replacemtn will work with the 1979-1980 single strut version.

The parts for both sides should cost less than $60.00 and get your trunk lid working like new again in about an hour's time.